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Hotel Linens Supplier Spotlight: Oxford Super Blend

No matter what the size and style of the hotel
the linens provided for guest use are always of the utmost importance. When
they walk into a hotel room the sheets, pillowcases, towels, bathrobes and more
are some of the very first things they check, and some of the very first things
they will comment on in reviews of the hotel after their stay is over. as
reviews have become the lifeblood of the modern hotel all over the world no
hotel can afford to make mistakes.

For hoteliers making the right choices is not
always an easy task though. While wanting to please their guests they also have
a budget to consider. Therefore, the very best hotel linens and fabric
accessories for everyday use tend to be those that can provide quality,
comfort, and durability but are still sold at a reasonable price. All of the
things that one of the largest, and best-known hotel linen lines, Oxford Super
Blend, can supply.

The Oxford Super Blend Story

Oxford Super Blend is one of the largest
privately held terry brands in the USA and has been providing hotels all over
the country with high-quality hotel supplies for almost 30 years (the company
was founded in 1989)

What sets their products apart, in the eyes of
many loyal customers, is their commitment to quality – all of the cotton used
in their products is carefully sourced and curated and all of the fabrics
finished to the highest standards – and to reasonable pricing.

Oxford Superblend Offerings

So just what does Oxford Super Blend have to
offer to hoteliers in search of great hotel linens? Let’s take a look at some
of their most popular offerings.

Oxford Super Blend Wholesale

If there is one thing that any hotel needs a
lot of it is towels. Every hotel guest expects a plentiful supply to be
provided to them and they want them to to be bright, clean and fluffy. Most
people agree, thin, rough towels – or worse still grimy towels – are a terrible
way to end a refreshing shower or relaxing bath.

Oxford Super Blend are wholesale towel
experts. The Oxford Super Blend towel
range is an extensive one and there is an offering to suit every budget and
hotel style, from the Oxford Super Blend Silver Range, which is an 86/14 cotton
blend offering with 100% cotton loops and a classic dobby border to the
high-end 100% brushed cotton offerings like the Oxford Super Blend Platinum.
And while classic white, beige and linen colored towels are the biggest sellers
the colored Oxford Super Blend towel range is growing in popularity as well,
especially with boutique hotel owners.

Oxford Super Blend offers wholesale towels for
hotels in a wide variety of sizes and not just for the bathroom either. They
are also well known for the high quality of their pool and kitchen towels that
are crafted to the same high standards and offered at the same reasonable

Oxford Super Blend Bed Linens

The company offers a wide range of hotel
bedding, from standard sheets to ultra luxurious coordinated sheet sets in a
wide variety of cotton blends to suit every budget. For those hoteliers looking for ease as well
as quality and value the Oxford Super Blend Hotel Ensembles offer everything
needed to create a ‘well-dressed’ bed, from high-quality oxford weave sheets to
polar fleece hotel blankets, throw pillows and more.

Oxford Blend Miscellaneous Hotel

Hotel linens consist of far more than just
hotel bedding and hotel towels. Depending on the size and style of the hotel it
may need tablecloths, napkins, robes, and more.

One of the biggest advantages for hoteliers
who choose the Oxford Super Blend brand for their wholesale hotel linens is the
fact that the company can offer a ‘one-stop shop’, with everything a hotelier
might need in terms of hotel linens offered in one place, at reasonable prices
and crafted with a consistent quality. And when it comes down to it, what more
could you ask for? 

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